Sunday, December 25, 2011

Breakfast with Mrs. Claus

Everybody loves breakfast at a diner, so no one is surprised when Mrs. Claus drops in with a basket of candy canes to give away. It's Christmas Eve morning and the place is packed so my friend Debbie and I gladly share a booth with Mrs. Claus and her friend. She has an appointment to greet the passengers when the train arrives at the Kirkwood Station in an hour.

After eggs sunny-side-up with rye bread toast, we and I head down the block to the recycling center. Debbie does more about recycling than anyone I know. Her back seat was loaded with clean food and beverage cups. All these go into the styrofoam recycling container—the first available in St. Louis County. The next recycling bin accepts strings of Christmas lights

Kirkwood's recycling center is named after local leader and photographer Francis Scheidegger, an early proponent of lightening the load of trash on the planet. For half a century, Scheidegger's studio was just up the stairs from our breakfast stop.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Bird Counts on TV

I had a chance to talk about Christmas Bird Counts on local TV today. Dan Zarlenga, of Missouri Department of Conservation, set up the interview with John Fuller of KPLR-TV Channel 11 in Saint Louis MO. I had a blast! The broadcasters and staff could not have been nicer. I hope it will motivate a few more people to volunteer their time with Christmas Bird Counts.

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