Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Always After Me Lucky Charms!

Photo by stuant63

Everyone loves a wildlife webcam, and due the fact that tomorrow is a special day for anyone who likes parades, cabbage, funny hats, red hair and green beer, it's time for "Website Wednesday" to feature The Leprechaun Watch! This webcam fascinates my young students. Each year we include a brief view of the panorama webcam in our morning video announcements, and at least one sharp-eyed viewer will spot one of the wee folk. For the lover of wild life, the website also includes a field guide to the fairies, including the pooka, banshee, and changling.

Did you see that?
St. Patrick's Day has lots to recommend it, as holidays go. You don't have to give gifts. You don't have to go to church or stuff a turkey. There are no ashes, no hunting for eggs in the rain, no pressure to buy long-stem roses or jewelry. When I lived for a few years in Cairo, Illinois, they honored the day by pinching anyone who wasn't wearing green. I never did get that. Here in my native St. Louis, Missouri, where we like to observe heartily, we eat corned beef, cabbage, green snake-shaped loaves of bread, and most people wash that down with an Anheuser-Busch product. How do you celebrate in the middle of March?


  1. @Nellie: Thanks! I had some help from my 3rd-graders at spotting the wee man in the photo.

    @Mike: That photo, by Stuart Anthony, must have required many hours of patient waiting inside a hollow tree.