Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Scream, You Scream…

I scream,
You scream,
We all scream
For ice cream!
It was inevitable. If they can make tequila lollipops, complete with worm, some entrepreneur somewhere—in this case, Sparky's Ice Cream, in Columbia, Missouri—had to make Cicada ice cream. And why not? Missouri is right in the heart of the Brood XIX, which I wrote about in my most recent post. The story, first reported in Columbia's newspaper, The Missourian, has gone viral, appearing in The Daily Mail (UK—great photos too), Sydney Morning Herald, and NPR.

Thanks to Justina Kochansky for licensing her hysterical photo with Creative Commons. Be sure to read her info about the environmental impact of exfoliants.

Here's a short video of this story, courtesy of WTVY in Dothan, Alabama.


  1. Yummm, crunchy bits of cuticle! But maybe this is taking the 'if life hands you lemons, make lemonade' meme a step too far.

  2. No thank you! If pecans had bulging red eyes and six scrabbly feet I wouldn't eat butter pecan ice cream either.

    I've posted about cicada damage to woody plants here -- hope you don't mind me mentioning it.

  3. Hey Dave! I know our ancestors weren't too proud to turn over rocks to find dinner, but I'm with you. I prefer radishes.

  4. You're certainly right about the unattractive feet Alan. I'm very glad you mentioned your post--highly recommended!