Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are they edible?

Those pesky stinkhorns sure are conversation-starters! Ive had several people ask if they are edible, and the answer seems to be Yes, and No. Tom VolkFungus of the Month article says that they are, with certain cooking techniques. Another source, Wildman Steve Brill found them to be revolting, even when cooked in broth. The totally amazing 2006 BBC series Planet Earth had a time lapse video of a Netted Stinkhorns growth. Id love to embed the video, but the embedding is disabled. Click this link, or better yet, watch Planet Earth. I came across a discussion on this topic at GardenWeb. I was glad to see at least one gardener recognized that they are harmless, interesting mushrooms. Just think of them as fun-guy!” Thanks for all the comments and photos!

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