Friday, September 30, 2011

Back to the Blogosphere

It's been almost 4 weeks since my last post, so a few words of explanation might be in order. It's been perfect storm of obstacles to getting online: minor accidents that befell a family member (everyone's OK now), a snafu that left me without phone or internet service for a week, deadlines at work, a reunion, and living with amazingly energetic puppy. Blogging is sort of like taking an online course, with the topics chosen by me. I missed reading blogs, conversing with bloggers and other readers, and writing. Hopefully, things are returning to the usual pace and I'll have a chance to post regularly. Thanks for staying with me!


  1. I've had a hard time keeping up lately too. It happens!

  2. I tried to comment earlier, but I think Blogger ate my comment. Glad to have you back! Glad everyone is okay. Sometimes taking a break from the internet is a good thing to do. What kind of butterfly is in your photo?

    Kateri @

  3. Thanks Alan and Mike! Appreciate the support!
    Hi Kateri, I think Blogger ate one of my posts too. I wanted to link back to another post, but now the whole page is missing. By the way, that's a Fiery Skipper on Eastern Blazing Star. He's a cutie, isn't he?

  4. Hello Anne, welcome back. Good to hear that your family member is OK now. Good to have you back with this great photo, wonderful! Take care, relax and have a great Sunday!

  5. Anne, was thinking about your blog while I made my new compost bin. After reading your post about Chunk eating from your compost pile I made my bin with a removable front panel. I'd like to keep our pack from eating the entire compost heap!

    How's the little guy doing now? Hope all is well,

    Fidel Camarena